The World's Most Ordinary Community Digital Currency

Ordinary Citizen Project (OCP) is a community-centric virtual currency concept inspired by the reality that most of the world’s wealth is held by a tiny proportion of the world’s population. It is an open-source and decentralized digital currency set up with one primary purpose: to be a simple and fair way to create wealth for everyday ordinary people. OCP features active community governance, a daily crypto lottery, guaranteed liquidity and strategic smart contract parameters that champion and safeguard the small-time player.

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30 Days Only 2 Mar 23 - 31 Mar 23

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About Ordinary Citizen Project

Ordinary Citizen Project (OCP) was created by the people, for the people – it is the everyday people’s digital currency. Established to be a simple and fair way for regular people to create digital wealth, OCP was built especially for small-time players, and strives to be free of big money bias and impact. A unique social experiment for the cryptocurrency realm, designed to test how far a simple meme-like currency can advance via the power of community. OCP token is a non-inflationary utility token with a finite supply of 7.5 B. OCP tokens can be traded on decentralized exchanges, and all transaction taxes are directed back to users in the form of auto liquidity and a daily lottery.

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